Saturday, December 27, 2014

This Christmas

I wanted to write a few things about our Christmas this year. For one thing, we were finally all feeling better, so everyone had a very good day. 

Maeve surprised me by wanting her grandparents to open their presents from her first, before she even touched her presents. Maaaaaybe my attempting to teach her about generosity is starting to work?

And as soon as she opened the gift of a new knitted top from my mother, she rushed off to put it on.

She loved all the gifts we picked out for her this year, and all the gifts from her grandparents seemed to be big hits, too. She got Anna and Elsa dolls from Frozen, some Rescue Bots, lots of My Little Pony swag, books, and some cool science kits.

And although we all missed my Grandmother Elenore immensely, I will always remember all the wonderful Christmases I had with her.

I think this was 2002, maybe? Such a sweet picture, though.

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