Tuesday, December 30, 2014

What Do You Like About Me?

So I'm pretty sure Daddy and I have done a good job at this one little part of parenting: we have raised a child with a healthy self-image.

Here's why I think so. Maeve asks us regularly, What do you like about me? and then listens earnestly to our replies, making helpful suggestions in case we draw a blank after a few minutes. Or she'll ask more specifically, What do you like about how silly I am? What do you like about my singing? 

Sometimes she deploys this weapon when she's in trouble, when I am still angry about something that's just happened. Mom, you love me, right? What do you love about me? It's actually a pretty good calming exercise, as it's pretty hard to name things you like about your daughter and stay mad at her at the same time. Which I think she has figured out.

Not that it works when I turn it around on her. When she's angry, and I say, what do you like about me? she just gives me the look of death, grits her teeth, and mutters: nothing. But I didn't really expect it to work, it was just worth a try.

So I'm pretty sure Maeve's fishing for compliments game shows that she's pretty convinced we all have infinite mental lists of things we love about her.

Which, well, we do.

Things I like about Maeve: a propensity to wrap up in blankets, a sweet smile,
and eyes that remind me of  my mother, to name a few.

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