Monday, February 16, 2015

Octopi in Love

Wanna hear a funny story? It's Monday morning, I bet you do.

This was the year that Daddy and I got each other the same card for Valentine's Day.

See, it's pretty funny. I didn't like any of the cards at Target this year, that's my usual place. So I took a look at King Soopers, hoping to find something more suitable. And then there was this card with such a cute octopus on the front...

See? It kind of looks like one of the octopi is waving at the other! I mean, how cute can you get? You know what else is funny? We both thought, Oh, that cute fabric octopus is detachable, it would be so easy to scrapbook!

Yup, apparently ten Valentine's Days together is enough for us to start accidentally buying each other the same card.

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