Friday, February 13, 2015

We Do Valentine's Day

This may sound funny to you if you're not a parent, but I know lots of parents who "don't do" Valentine's Day. Like, no cards, no flowers, no candy, no date, period. And I guess, to each their own. But I'm glad we do Valentine's Day at our house.

Even for our first Valentine's Day after Maeve came, Daddy and I went on a date. I was not all that coherent, probably, as I was still in a fog for most of that first year, but still, we went. We always go.

We don't necessarily spend a lot of money, and if we do, it's usually on a play or more cultural experience; we don't do a prix fix dinner or order lots of champagne or anything. But we make time for each other; we stop and listen. We go somewhere where we can speak to each other without the demands of parenting, and dedicate ourselves to each other.

I guess other couples do that on other days, or maybe they don't have trouble getting alone time, I don't know. But I don't really get "not doing" Valentine's day. To me it's a day set aside on my calendar to have a really nice date, and I really love that! I spent enough years of my life trying to cheer myself up while being single on Valentine's day, I really wouldn't miss any more of them for anything!

Maeve's first Valentine's Day - she's trying to remove that headband...

First V-Day after Maeve - we totally made it work!

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