Monday, May 4, 2015

5 year Checkup Crack-up!

Where to begin. Most of you know my dad got suddenly very sick at the end of his visit, which quickly became a hospital stay. But he's in good shape now, and at home in England.

What I want to write about today is Maeve's first appointment with her new pediatrician for her 5 year checkup.

Because, you guys, it was kind of a scream.

So Maeve's old pediatrician retired last year, which made us sad, because Dr. J was wonderful. But now she has Dr. B, and we really like her. Especially since she took Maeve's visit with a sense of humor...

When she first came in, Dr. B introduced herself, and asked Maeve how she felt about butterflies. Maeve said, "They startle me." Now, what Dr. B meant was, did Maeve want a butterfly sticker? But that's not what she asked, you know. I tried not to laugh. Dr. B gave Maeve her butterfly sticker once she determined that was going to be okay with Maeve, and then proceeded to ask her some questions about her health.

She asked Maeve if she drinks her milk, and Maeve said, flatly, No I don't. I had to jump in and say she has lots of dairy in her diet, but prefers to drink soy milk, which of course was fine with her doc.

She asked Maeve if we buckle her in when we ride in the car, Maeve said Sometimes. ACK! I piped up and said sometimes we make it halfway out of the driveway when Maeve reminds me she's not buckled in yet, but that buckling in is a hard and fast rule.

She asked if Maeve had any questions for her, and Maeve said, Yes, how do you know if you have an intestinal infection? Dr. B looked at me incredulously and asked if any of us are in the medical field. I laughed and said that no, Maeve is just a curious kid and I try to keep up with her interests. Dr. B very sweetly answered Maeve's question for her, then asked why she was curious about infections. I explained that Maeve's grandpa had just been in the hospital for a major infection. Dr. B turned to Maeve and said, Are you close to your Grandpa, honey? And Maeve looked at her like she was crazy, and said, Well, not right now, I'm not.

Dr. B got a good laugh out of that, and said to me, She's pretty literal, huh? I could only nod and try not to laugh.

All told, I think Dr. B will be a good doctor for Maeve, once she gets the hang of how to ask her questions. And Maeve is 46 inches tall and 45.5 pounds! So she's just 2 inches shy of 4 feet tall. She amazes me, and cracks me up!


  1. I just double checked James's stats from his kindergarten health fair appointment and he is 45.5" and about 43.5 lbs so very close to Maeve. I think these two would be so fun together!

  2. I know they would have a blast, Kim!