Tuesday, May 5, 2015

5th Birthday Surprises

So Maeve is really 5 now. She is officially a kid, not a preschooler anymore. And, of course, she's big enough to pass for a second grader.

Maeve's birthday was extra special this year because through a set of extraordinary circumstances, my mother was here on the day itself. So we spent a special day together and really enjoyed the time we had together.

I gave Maeve 5 birthday surprises on her birthday, and this was the first. A doughnut from LaMars!

Even though she knew we were going to the zoo to celebrate her friend's birthday,
she didn't know I was getting her cotton candy! I never get her treats at the zoo!

The third surprise was a stuffed animal from Build a Bear! She chose a rainbow striped kitty.

Getting Rainbow Kitty all fluffed up.

The next surprise, time to play in the sand at the mall!

And last of all, a Dairy Queen dessert with Grandma!

My heart was so full, I was thrilled that Grandma was here, however briefly. And I know she'll always treasure the time she got to spend with Maeve for her birthday. It was a great day we all had together. You wanna know about the party? That's gonna be next time.

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