Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Pink Sparkly Lego Party

Oh, the Pink, Sparkly Lego birthday party.

Several people asked me, do they make pink sparkly Legos? The answer is no, but they should. They certainly make them pink, but I have not seen pink and sparkly. That meant I had to do most of that myself.

I always forget, when I get excited about hosting birthday parties here, how difficult it is to herd 7-10 hyped up kids from one activity to another, especially when those kids range from 2-7. There's a lot of differing abilities in focus and coordination there, people. So the kids just about managed to do the Lego spoon race, once I convinced them that there would not be running involved. And the guesses on the Guess How Many Legos jar were between 1 and 10 million. 86 was the number...

The pinata. That was a tricky one. The good part is, all the kids got a lot of hits in, because I built the pinata from a cardboard box, so it was very sturdy. In the end, we had to call in Daddy and have him break it for the kids. The tricky part was each kid waiting their turn in line. Oh man. There were tears.

The easy part is the food, the cake, the presents. Kids know how to do this, even at age two. So once the pizza was out of the oven, I was able to relax a little. But next year? Maybe we'll go to Chuck E Cheese or something.

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