Monday, August 31, 2015

Gifts of Words

Why? I don't know why. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth.

But ever since she started kindergarten, Maeve has told me, about ten times a day, things like this:

Mom, you're the best Mom I could ever have.
You're the best Mom in the whole wide world.
You're the best Mom in the history of Moms I've ever had.
You're the best Mom for me and I'll never, ever leave you.

I don't know if being at school has given her a new-found appreciation for what I do at home, or just that being occupied like that, learning and growing, has sweetened her temperament. But I can tell you this, she's never acted like this towards me before, at least not since I could count her vocab words on one hand.

I'm not pretending it'll last forever. But every single time she says something sweet to me and throws her arms around me, I lean in, enjoy it, and put it in my treasure trove of memories.

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