Thursday, August 6, 2015

Writing Progress

It used to be that Maeve could really only write the letters in her name, and when I asked her to try new ones, she would shove the paper back at me and ask me to write them instead. 

But she's gotten more adventurous about writing letters lately, and also about trying to spell things on her own.

It's not easy to read this, but Maeve was trying to write me a note while I was composing an email. It says "Please get" and it was going to say "Please get me a snack" but I finished my email and got her one. But do you see the P at the beginning? And the L E S for the rest of Please? And a pretty passable G for the beginning of Give.

Yesterday for her godmother's birthday, she wrote her name on the envelope, and I didn't even have to beg her! She was excited to show off how well she could write the letters of her godmother's name. 

Writing! It's coming along, people.

But giant marshmallows are even cooler.

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